thinking about being baph with the duality being mirror boy/card girl....its the aesthetics of my gender but also the title of some poetry i’m working on

i vibe so hard with baph bc of the esoteric/occult stuff so i can’t believe i just made this connection

so mirror boy is like. narcissus vibez but also the philosophy of treating the outside world as a mirror of your own psyche

and card girl is a nickname from a place i used to hang out and play card games. playing cards and in general cartomancy are super big interests of mine as well

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:thonk: here's my tentative coloring for a mirrorboy/cardgirl baph flag

debating on making the girl part red, yknow, like actual playing cards, but that wouldnt vibe well with this blue.. and idk i don't rlly associate myself with red so much as pink

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