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imagine if the focus of treating mental illness was "how can we make you livable with yourself" rather than "how can you return to being a productive worker"

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am just a smol pixel kitten

there are lots of things i do not know and am not good at

but am still important!

and if a tiny kitten like me is important, you are definitely an important too! :blobcatheart:

The sky is beautiful today. I wish that we could soar though the clouds and forget our thoughts, the wind dancing over and between our feathers.

*massages my temples* I was pulling from the wrong queue last week. That's just flipping fabulous.

I wish Mastodon wasn't so ugly. It's a struggle to say here with how much of an eyesore it is.

Number 2: Don't hit send for every sentence you type. You can use paragraphs, folks. No need to spam our inboxes.

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Number 1: Creating a ticket and your only message is "hey". This is not a hookup line. Don't make me guess what your issue is.

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One of my pinned posts should be "1,000 Ways to Die" and it'll be a collection of all the things that make Support Staff feel dead inside.

They placed me in messages until EOD. I think I'll fetch my laptop and toss on one of my playlists. *puts on a party hat*

I could have a sick pair of wings to wrap around myself like a shawl. I would hang upside down and take calls at my job. I'd drink water out of a sippy cup because of my long snoot.

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Things I am sad about include: not being a human/bat hybrid.

There was nothing about the sky this morning to suggest that strange and mysterious things (like being in RFC for 40 minutes) would soon be happening.

Beginnings are hard. What if we all just pretend I said something witty to break the ice and we all become friends?


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