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Welcome to alterhuman.space!

We aim to be a mellow community that features thoughtful discussion and a friendly atmosphere. This is a place where you can express yourself, however feels most true to you.

Code of Conduct

1. You must be 18 years or older to have an account here.

2. This is a queer and alterhuman friendly instance.

By queer we mean: anyone who isn’t society’s perfect idea of a cis + straight + dyadic + amatonormal + allonormal + monogomous + vanilla person. We take a radically inclusionist and sex-positive stance here. We are also neolabel ('MOGAI') positive.

By alterhuman we mean: fictionfolk, plural systems, and nonhumans, as well as anyone whose experience falls outside of what is typically considered ‘being human.’ This includes people who consider themselves alternatively human.

Ergo, we are not friendly to medicalists, TERFs, assimilationists, or any other proponents of respectability politics.

3. Don't be a dick

This rule covers everything from overt bigotry to general rudeness. To get a bit more specific, we do not tolerate:
  • Hate speech - You may not use slurs or make derogatory comments about people based on things like race, orientation, gender, religion, disability, or class.
  • Harassment - You may not send messages that are designed to upset people, make threats, or continue to interact with someone after they have told you to stop. You also may not use posts/screenshots/quotes to mock people, or collect/post a person’s demographic, personal or private data without their consent.
  • Incivility - You may not resort to name calling, ad hominem attacks, nitpicking or tone policing when responding to a person. Particularly, don’t get defensive if someone says you’ve upset them - take it in good faith and work together to find a solution.

If you're sharing content from off-site, you should include a link to the original source (Pinterest is not a source).

3. Respect others

You are responsible for acting respectfully, and it’s also your responsibility to blacklist and disengage from content you dislike. You are both allowed and encouraged to avoid content that you find off-putting for any reason, but you are not allowed to police or shame others' behavior, interests, beliefs, or identity, as long as they are not harming others with it. And if they are behaving in a way that is harming others, policing or shaming won't help. Contact the admin should such an issue arise.

4. Create considerate content

  • When you join, feel free to make an introductory post, and tag it #introductions!
  • Use content warnings on posts that contain NSFW or common things others may want to avoid seeing like discussion of politics, abuse, self-harm, etc.
  • Write image descriptions if you are able to
  • No accounts whose sole purpose is to advertise or repost from other sites.


  • COC inspired by that of chittr.me